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Are you a discharge planner, social worker or care facility?

Our trained team of Area Directors can make your patient transitions to home care or hospice

as easy as 1-2-3

Step 1



Step 2



Step 3

Admission Visit

by Nurse

Our 3-Step Admission Process makes getting help EASY!

Healing can be challenging enough.

That's why we make our process simple. 

We understand.

You have many worries and concerns as you consider home health or hospice. We understand. That is why we have simplified our processes and made getting help so easy. Our seamless systems and cutting edge databases and procedures make accessing our services easier than ever. Call our office and let us walk you quickly through these steps and bring help right away!

Step 1 

A physician recommends the need for home health or hospice. This may take place at an office visit, ER episode or in a care facility.

Step 2

Documentation is verified regarding medical coverage and patient’s treatment history.

Step 3

An admitting nurse meets with the patient and family to begin care immediately to support patient and care giving needs.

Where are you in this 3-step process?​ How can we help? Call our office today and let us support you in these 3 easy steps.

Many people do not know that through Medicare help is available for the elderly and those who suffer with the loss of mobility and bladder/personal hygiene issues as they age. Often friends and family step in to care for these needs at great sacrifice of their time and physical strength. There is help available. Call our office today to see if we can assist you in caring compassionately for your loved one.   

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