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Our Office Leadership

Administrator - Tyler Hunsaker, RN, BSN

DPCS - Kim Reynolds, RN

Clinical Supervisor - Julie Curtis, RN

Hospice Director - Tyler Hunsaker, RN

Hospice Office Assistant - Jolene Hunter

Front Desk - Juanita

Intake Support - Carolina / Nicki

OneCare Team

Our Medical Team

HH Medical Director - Dr. Cynthia Lawlor


Medical Director/Hospice - Dr. Kevin Tschetter

Hospice Physician - Dr. Kathleen DeRemer

OneCare is the premier care agency in the state of Utah. 

Our processes make us the best in the state.  

Our staff makes us unforgettable. 

About Us

OneCare Home Health & Hospice Utah's mission is to provide personalized, high-quality care of those needing home health or hospice support. When someone you love is suffering with decline, aging, or end of life issues, there is help available; often at no cost.

75% of those eligible for benefits do no know they qualify. Please ask us to review your needs and benefits.

OneCare is the premier home health and hospice agency is the state of Utah. OneCare provides the highest quality of care with the most accuracy and focused medical and emotional support to you when you need it.

1. Our full time nurse answers your call.  While many home health and hospice agencies use in-bound third party call centers to manage emergencies, OneCare maintains a full-time nurse to answer your needs 24/7. We are always reachable to assist you and your family. 

2. All records are up to the minute. Our staff uses cutting edge technologies and encrypted databases to ensure that patient charts, medical records, pharmacy and equipment implications and nursing visits are all up to the minute, done in REAL TIME to ensure accuracy, privacy and the highest quality of care. Electronic bedside recording gives  entire medical team accurate and to the minute updates.

3. Weekly board reviews of each patient chart. While other providers may have conference calls or hand written updates on patients, we meet at our office in person as a board to discuss each patient's needs. Every week over 15 sets of eyes review together a patient’s medications, their progress, weight, eating patterns, bladder and hygiene issues, skin and oral care as well as emotional and spiritual needs.

* If you currently are receiving home health or hospice services from any other provider and feel your needs are being overlooked, please visit with one of our nurses. We look forward to providing the highest quality care to you or your loved one! 


To schedule an appointment, please call: +1.801-542-7384. 

                      FAX # 801-208-8002

Patient Services

Social Work - Rachael Debenham, MSW

Chaplain - Jay Taylor

Physical Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Speech Language Pathologist

Skilled Nursing

​Home Health Aides